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    Cannot download videos

    Andrebodden · 2 · Last reply by Andrebodden

    Dear Sir, Madam, 

    I have an issue with VDownloader (4.5.2867.0).

    Whenever I try to download a video (regardless of the format that I choose), I get an error message stating that ‘there is no free space for download’, while I have upwards of several hundreds of gigabytes of free storage.


    Additionally, on startup the application minimizes to just above the start button, as can be seen in the screenshot below.


    I have already tried updating the application and I have also done a re-install (including deleting what I believe to be the configurations stored in the %localappdata% directory),

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    Frank Walker · 2 · Last reply by Frank Walker

    VDownloader plus was downloaded and installed but it does not run. I am using Windows 10.

    The free version has always worked on this computer.

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    Cut setting = bad quality

    Gars38 Tm · 1 · Last reply by Eli Siegel

    Hello everybody,

    I think VDownloader is very cool. But i've got a problem here. I would like to download a video from Youtube, but not the entire video, just de first half.

    So i use the Cut setting : 0 -> Half

    But if i use this option, the quality of the video is pretty bad. If i don't use the cut, it's perfect. I use the "Best quality" to download my file.

    Please, can you tell me why the Cut setting low the quality of the final video ? Thanks.

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    comprar de uma chave de ativação do vdownloader plus

    Thyagomontividiu · 2 · Last reply by Eli Siegel




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    chave deativação

    Nailza Ramos · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Tenho o código de ativação porém não encontrei nenhuma janela para ativa-lo...

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    vdownloader insists on incorrect quality/.webm format

    uᴉǝssnɥ · 1 · Last reply by Eli Siegel


    I love to use vdownloader, but it bugs me how once in a while (and for long periods of time) vdownloader doesn't work too well.

    when i use the no convert option on some videos, vdownloader first chose 360p instead of the correct 480p quality, and now vdownloader wants me to download as .webm instead of .mp4.

    I like to pick no convert because I expect it to be the best quality without me changing anything. and if i try to go to advanced > mp4 > 480p, the bitrate is pretty bad, so that's a no.

    i tried this other downloader, keepvid, and

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    Vdownloader lite is running out of time

    Angelo Calleja · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Hi Vdownloader use to work on IPad, fine for years, but  this week

    when i go to search it just runs out of time and that's that.

    Program dose not find anything as it runs out of time searching.

    can you please fix the problem

    thanks AC

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    vdownloader won't load.

    Daniel Duncan · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    My Plus copy of VDownloader won't load, and I cannot get your site to download another copy.  Your IP address cannot be found.


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    is the latest version safe?

    ashley · 3 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    my antivirus keeps shutting down the install because of the "not a virus" thing in the update

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    Can't import downloaded files?

    Michael · 4 · Last reply by Michael

    Why can't I download audio from youtube and import it to places like iTunes or Audacity? I always get an error from iTunes saying the file could not be added/converted and the loading time extends indefinitely on Audacity.

    They run just fine on the windows media player.

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    batch download from vimeo error

    wayart · 1 · Last reply by Eli Siegel

    always wrong when batch downloading from vimeo. Always about 50 percent of the video can not be downloaded.

    etc,these five only one can be download.

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    CONFIGURAÇÃO do VDownloader Plus ...

    Nivαldo Clαud · 0 · Posted

    - Poderia me informar como usar a página  Configurações " Downloads ", pois modifiquei alguma coisa no  =  "Formato de Nome do Arquivo",  onde tirei alguns Xis dos quadrinhos, sendo que depois disso não funcionou mais.           Será que tem que preencher todos os quadrinhos ou só alguns ???

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    VDownloader Plus version 4.5.2598.0, não baixa áudio e nem vídeos ...

    Nivαldo Clαud · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    -Comprei o VDownloader PLUS e está sendo inútil para mim, pois não baixa nada que quero, nem áudio e nem vídeos, o meu Windows é o 10, será que não é compatível ? ... 

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    how can i add a RSS feeds

    wayart · 1 · Last reply by wayart

    I have update to plus but how can i add a RSS feed to automatic download

    here is the rss I need to add.

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    Can't download age-restricted videos

    Jonathan Basinger · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    When I enter my login details (Connect Youtube/Facebook option under Configuration) so that I can download age-restricted videos, it keeps telling me that my security credentials have failed, but I'm positive I'm using the correct username & password.

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    About website

    Adrian Wu · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Last time I can download video from Dailymotion website, Now why can't use?
    The message is "Unable to obtain required initial information about this video"

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    Translation of the program into Brazilian Portuguese

    Jose Carlos Taveira · 0 · Posted


    I'm using the program and I realized that the Portuguese translation of Brazil is not complete. There are still English sentences. Would you like me to hit the translation and complete what is missing?
    If yes, how to proceed. I already do translation for several companies. It's a waste of time for me.

    José Carlos Taveira


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    subtitle is not downloaded with youtube videos which having closed captions

    sabarish · 1 · Last reply by Eli Siegel

    while downloading no subtitle was downloaded. I checked the configuration path for subtitle ....and fixed preferred language as i download the videos with subtitle

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    order 57213403 on 2017-02-14

    Hillview Highrollers · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    This is my second demand for a refund. Notify AvanGate and me when you proceed.

    To reiterate, I was happy with VD Free and decided to reward you by paying for VD Plus.

    VD Pro demanded an immediate upgrade.  After the upgrade, I had only Free.  Then my computer went away.

    So I want a refund.  Thanks, Steve

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    Malwarebytes will not allow Vdownloader to install

    Stephen Wilkinson · 1 · Last reply by Eli Siegel

    Have to disable Malwarebytes to install Vdownloader and it also cause VDownloader to lock up sometimes when downloading videos from youtube.   Any way to stop this other then disabling Malwarebytes when using VDownloader?