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    Program won't download anything anymore

    SPWilkins · 5 · Last reply by SPWilkins

    The, "Monitor the clipboard for URLs" option won't stay checked, and the program refuses to download anything  ... since the last update.  However, I can change other options and those changes persist.  For example, the next option, "Immediately download video URL's copied to the clip!" persists whether I turn it on or off.

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    VDownloader Plus won't open

    Angelo Schemy · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Hi. Days ago I installed VDownloader's free version. It was working just fine. Then at one point

    I tried to update the software. After that it stopped working. I thought it was because I was using the free version, so I uninstalled it and bought the Plus version.

    When I installed the full version it still woudn’t work. The icon appeared but when i try to open nothing happens. There’s no error message or any kind of notification. It just won’t open. (My OS is Windows 7)

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    VDownloader has stopped working

    Tom Moerman · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    When I run the program I get the VDownloader startup picture, immediately followed by the "VDownloader has stopped working" pop-up window.
    The same happens when I remove and re-install VDownloader, when the program boots itself after the installation.

    I have tried many things like "run as admin" and compatibility modes. Nothing changed.

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    order 57213403 on 2017-02-14

    Hillview Highrollers · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    This is my second demand for a refund. Notify AvanGate and me when you proceed.

    To reiterate, I was happy with VD Free and decided to reward you by paying for VD Plus.

    VD Pro demanded an immediate upgrade.  After the upgrade, I had only Free.  Then my computer went away.

    So I want a refund.  Thanks, Steve

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    Hello, Since the latest download

    Jo-Anne CanineCar · 2 · Last reply by Gray Mouser

    Hello, Since the latest download, I keep getting a message- please specify output format, and if I click ok,  it downloads. Not sure what it is asking for. Thank you!

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    issues with vdownloader.

    KP · 1 · Last reply by Vadim Maslov

    the 'report a problem' from the software does not work. All It gives is an hourglass after pressing the submit button and nothing happens.  The reason I originally tried to contact you is I tried to download this video and all it does is display a spinning wheel. It just sits there and spins.

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    I can't convert videos

    Virginie · 3 · Last reply by Virginie

    I bought VDownloader Plus. I entered the registration number but when I go to the converter to convert the videos I downloaded from Youtube, it doesn't work. VDownloader doesn't want to convert the videos and it's the same when downloading them. When I choose MPEG or DVD PAL next to the url it doesn't convert it so I can only watch the videos on the computer.

    What's the problem?


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    Not able to install it

    Rohit Jain · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Internal error: .NET Framework version 4.0 not found. What to do? Please help me out.

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    Youtube downloads

    George Thring · 3 · Last reply by George Thring

    When I copy the video URL and paste it into VDownloader opening and closing brackets appear thus () about 10 spaces to the right of the address and I get the message "This it is not a valid video URL" when I tell it to download. Have tried various sites with the same result. Can you assist.

    George Thring

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    Won't install

    Hans Frahm · 2 · Last reply by Hans Frahm


    I am using windows 10. I can download vdownloader.exe but when trying to run it I and I am asked if I want to allow the program to make changes to my computer, I click YES, but after that nothing happens.


    What is wrong?



    HJ Frahm

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    Boa tarde nos últimos dias não baixo mais musicas no programa.


    Pois estou com o seguinte erro, conexão com a internet não pode ser estabelecida, verifique as configurações do proxy.


    desde já lhes agradeço.

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    non-functional software problem

    Hillview Highrollers · 1 · Last reply by Eli Siegel

    YesterdayI recently upgraded my VDFree version. The old version did not delete, and neither version worked.

    I used Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove all traces of Free. I paid for Plus, since I liked the Free program.

    The first time I used Plus, it shut down, and the debug button was no help.This problem recurs each time. It recommended an upgrade, so I did that.

    Now I am back to the free version!!! Then it offered me a special price on an upgrade, 25% cheaper than I paid yesterday!! So I need a quick and competent fix or a refund.

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    No sound on clips converted to Avi

    Phil Blake · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    Hi, if I download a video as an avi, or convert an existing video to avi I get no sound. When saving as an mp4 it's fine. Any suggestions please? Thanks


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    laggy and wont download some videos

    ashley · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    i dont know why it doesnt download certain vids. theyre all coming from youtube. and the icon on the comp isnt the logo thing anymore its just a blank paper thingy, whats up with that? any ideas why it wont download some vids or what i can do to make it work? plus its laggy. 

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    Current version unstable

    Daniel Duncan · 1 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    The current version of VDownloader is unstable.  It hangs up every time I try to view a clip with it.  I then have to use ctl.+alt.+del. to get out of the program.  

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    Update version does not work because use of trial software by Vdownloader

    Anthony Ferreira · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    After making the recomeneded update (thorugh vdownloader) it appears a message that Vdownloader won't work because it was created with a trial software (Eaz"something".NET). I unistalled Vdownloader and am trying to instal a previoues version. I hope update versions are tested before sugestion!




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    In Progress

    no audio on playback

    pp · 3 · Last reply by pp

    I am unable to get audio playback with latest two versions, 4.4.2350 and 4.5.2562

    I am able to download successfully, however, no audio is present when file is played

    I have downloaded version 4.3.2229 on 4 of my pc's and that version works fine.

    Is there a configuration setting in the new format, on the latest two versions, that needs to be activated to achieve audio when playing the file.


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    Downloading won't work.

    M.T123 · 3 · Last reply by Eli Siegel

    I try to download some videos and it says that it started transfering but it isn't. But some videos it will transfer normally.

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    keep preferences

    Doatyn · 2 · Last reply by Diogo Alves

    VDownloader Plus version 4.2.1909.0

    Option> settings

    I change the location C: drive to drive D:
    The changes are not retained.

    I am obliged to export the settings
    And import them to each ignition.

    How to make it automatic?

    Note : The messages from the application, help menu does not work.